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Organza Gift bags OGP01

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Organza Gift bags

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Organza Gift bags
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15 W X 22.5 H cm
Gold colour
Organza Fabric
500 pcs.
Organza gift bags are made from sheer, reusable organza material with a hint of shimmer. Organza gift bags are perfect for gifting in any occasion whether it is for weddings, parties, holidays and more. The high-quality organza gift bags can be conveniently reused again to store smaller everyday items like jewelry, watches, or small board game pieces and more. Our organza gift bags are perfect for accommodating favors for any occasion or any size. The sheer organza gift bags equipped with durable satin drawstring handles, our organza gift bags tightly close, securing the contents inside. The organza gift bags drawstring handles make opening and closing the bag simple. Once closed, our organza gift bags secure the items inside. The high-quality organza material ensures these bags can be reused multiple times and simplifies the gifting process. Simply place your gift in any of the three assorted sized organza gift bags and pull the drawstrings closed. Given the simple design, our organza gift bags can be used for personal or professional events.

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