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Hotel Menu Holder CFF07

Product Category:
Hotel Menu Holder
Product Code:
4" W X 8.5" H inch
PU inside slik/velvet
50 pcs.
If you are a hotel, restaurant or any other business looking for a professional looking, sturdy and attractive menu holder then this is right product for you. We offer elegant and easy-to-use menu holder for customers who want to order food and beverages in their room. This hotel menu holder is designed to keep your guests convenience and with care. This hotel menu holder is made from high quality materials and can be used in wide variety of hotel and resorts. This will help you to better organize your menus and improve customer service. Hotel menu holders are used in hotel, restaurant and any type of food and beverage serving venue. Hotel Menu Holder features a paper pad with colorful images to attract attention of the client. Clients can quickly take orders to the waiting staff by pointing or pressing the relevant button.

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