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We are Manufacturer and Supplier of Jute gunny bags and Jute sacks. The product line, offered by us, includes Laminated Hessian Cloth and Jute Products such as Jute Canvas, Jute Gunny Bags, and Jute Yarn. The products of the company are high on demand in Packaging and other industries. Being a client-centric company, we have set several benchmarks in the industry by meeting the exact demands of the customers. Different quality and size of Jute sacks: We are able to supply many type of Jute sacks as per buyers' requirement but most commonly used jute sacks are Standard B Twill sack, Binola Twill sack, L Twill sack, Heavycees sack, Lightcees sack, A Twill sack, DW Flour sack etc. Jute Bags/Jute Sacks/Gunny Bags have been widely used for packaging of various commodities viz. Cereals, Cashew nuts, Ground nuts, Pea nuts, Cotton, Palm Kernels, Gum Arabic, Coffee beans, Cocoa beans, Rice, Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Copra, Lentils, Sugar, Cement, Fertilizers etc. Most commonly used jute sacks size are: 44 X 26.5/ 2.25lbs, 44x26.5/2.00 lbs, 48x28/2.25 lbs, 43x29/2.5 lbs, 43x29/2.25lbs, 37.5 x 22/2lbs inch etc.

Jute Sack Bags

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Jute Sack Bags
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Custom size
Jute Gunny Fabric
5000 pcs.
We are leading Eco friendly & reusable Jute Sack Bags manufacturer & exporter in Delhi, India. We can provide you good quality reusable Jute Sack Bags at a competitive price without compromising quality. By using Eco friendly Jute Sack Bags you can save both money as well as our earth. Reusable Jute Sack Bags are common & widely popular type of jute item which is used in general purposes. If you want to customize our Reusable hessian Sack bags or burlap Sack bags please write us an E-mail with size, fabrics weight, colour, handle type & handle length of your required jute Sack bag. For best quality Reusable Sack Bags we always maintain fabrics weight & colour.

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